Second Exhibition

In case you missed the first exhibition, 'My One and All: My Swansea Coast, - A unique exhibition of film-poem On the Sea’s Land (Ar-for-dir) alongside members of the public’s photographic and poetic responses to connection and relationship to the Swansea and Gower coastline, is showing at Swansea Taliesin Arts Centre at the Ceri Richards... Continue Reading →


Essence|Self-portrait exploring my feelings of serenity; – a feeling of becoming part of the land and sea.

Essence was created as a photography response to ‘My One And All: A Swansea Coast Photography Exhibition’ As part of the 2016 Being Human UK festival of the humanities (RIAH) Members of the public were invited to submit a photograph where it reflects/captures thier connection with the Swansea coast. To complete my photography diploma... Continue Reading →

INSPIRATION|Self-Portrait illustrating being inspired by the natural landscape as a photographer/artist.

Present/Future Following my first shoot ‘Past/Present’, -  Rebirth I now want to illustrate the present/future where I have found inspiration as an artist and photographer. I want to  illustrate what makes me want to take photographs? What makes me want to paint and draw? What inspires me? Coming back to my artist research and looking at... Continue Reading →

Rebirth – New Beginnings

 Exploring Spirituality - Identity -Past/Present Coming back to my final major project based on Self Portraits, I had to build a body of work alongside my artist research. I started to brainstorm what I would like to base my self-portraiture about, and I kept coming back to the phrase – ‘who am I’  – so I explored... Continue Reading →

Working with Little Heart Felt

Professional Development Little Heart felt make a range of clothing and accessories handmade from stunning and original fabrics, including swim bags, handmade textile accessories and girls dresses and children's shoes. Alongside our college projects, we also had to complete a professional development unit where we had to find a Company/Organizer/Client, to work with. I... Continue Reading →

Tatiana Parcero

  "I work with the body as a way to reconstruct with photographs and videos, experiences, social and cultural symbols; I explore it as a map where I can related different concepts of identity, memory, territory and time. I’m interested in explore the relationship between the human being and life; between man and earth, between... Continue Reading →


Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Engineers used the process well into the 20th century as a simple and low-cost process to produce copies of drawings, referred to as blueprints. The process uses two chemicals: ammonium iron(III) citrate and potassium ferricyanide. History The English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel... Continue Reading →

Iwan Bala Iwan Bala is an artist and writer whose paintings, drawings and assemblages, explore cultural identity; the notion of ‘belonging’ to a specific place whilst also being a citizen of the wider world. He has exhibited extensively in Wales and abroad, including Mexico, Hong Kong, Galicia, USA, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Brittany,... Continue Reading →

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